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It’s Always A Shitty Day

So you thought this was going to be a debbie downer huh?

Who Gives A PoopThat phrase of the title is a little joke I like to say because every morning…like literally, we change the most incredible displays of “you know what” by Brisan and Parker. Oh yes… we're talking about shit! ha We feel so bad for them because with all the medications and all it just doesn't matter what we give them to help thicken things up. Since they can not talk or really do much for themselves, it has to be a horrible feeling just sitting there waiting for someone to change and clean them up.

We do all that we can to stay on top of their needs but can't physically always prevent it from happening. It typically happens in the morning hours and either before I go to the gym or when I come back home, let the changing diaper wars begin! The worse part is you get them all “suited up” for school and then they decide to give a present that keeps on giving! HA

It's ok. Don't get all bent out of shape because I chose to post this. Just wanted to share my sense of humor.

Kickball And Fishing

Just wanted to share a few pictures with all of you. On Friday, March 16th, Brisan & Parker's whole class went outside to play a little kickball! Parker every Friday morning has physical therapy down at CMH so Jennifer drops him off about mid morning for school. Parker wasn't too excited at times. He never likes anyone touching him much. So funny really… little crab cakes at times. I guess I can't blame him. Jennifer said just watching them out with their class mad her want to cry! Brisan waddled around the bases as well and he was even kill most of the time!

Duncan went to grammy and papa's house Friday and papa took him fishing for the first time! He caught 4 fish and said that the worms were “slimy”. What a funny kid!

Here are the pictures!


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