Duncan Stults at birth Jan 2008Duncan Maxwell Stults was born on January 28th, 2008. He was born at 36 weeks gestation weighing in at 6 pounds and 8 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. Unlike the his brothers Duncan was a thriving and healthy baby from the get go. He did not have any medical concerns at birth or even feeding issues. Duncan came home from the hospital with us.

Even though Duncan was a small baby he seemed great in every way! However, there are some minor concerns, compared to the other boys. Duncan is having some vision concerns and we feel that he probably will need some type of vision aids (glasses or vision therapy). Because of the vision concerns Duncan too is getting First Step's services: Occupation therapy, Physical therapy, and Special Instruction.

Duncan was also tested for Niemann Pick Disease Type C. We are pleased to say that Duncan does NOT have an active Niemann Pick Disease gene, he does have one of the two mutations. Meaning that he does not have this disease but his is still a carrier. However, he will always be affected by having two big brothers with Niemann Pick Disease Type C. Duncan is a sweet baby boy and we are thankful for him!

Duncan Stults and Giraffee 10-2009

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