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Adoption and Hopefully Our Last “Firsts”

Our lives as many of you are aware has changed drastically the past 19 months. We lost Brisan March 4, 2014 and then Parker on January 23, 2015. During this time we had always been Foster Parents and cared for a few handfuls of children the past 3 years. We had one little girl come into our home August 1, 2014 named Rubee. Through a long process and even challenging times because of our grieving, we officially adopted her into our home on October 9, 2015.

Rubee's Adoption Oct 9 2015

Wait.. what?

Many of you also think we are beyond crazy. That is ok because to some extreme you have to be. You have to be extreme in your thinking, heart, and faith that God has a plan for your life and it doesn't always include “you” as the main subject. Here we are in the midst of grieving and we were called to adopt this little girl. This wasn't any ordinary little girl either.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

Easter & 41 Action News

Just a few things in April

Brisan & Parker Limo Ride

Easter came and went but it wasn't the same. Our first with both of them not here. We have came full circle of learning of a horrible disease and then living through the years knowing Brisan & Parker would one day succumb to the inevitable. No matter how much you think about what that “may look like”, it never is and the pain is more real than you could ever imagine. I don't think we are meant to know what that pain beforehand is really like because it would be crippling. Why take away the good before it all has to happen. Your soul cries out for that need of comfort when you are no longer able to hold them close physically. Me,& Jenn miss those dudes! Duncan talks about them frequently.

Thank you Lexi & KSHB 41 Action News

On April 23, 2015, Lexi Sutter and 41 Action News were so kind to reach out and do a story about our family! We are always blown away with the generosity of others. Here is the link to the story and video below. They did a wonderful job and we are so proud of the time they invested to put this together. We are grateful and hope it is just a little piece of !!!

Youtube Link:

Story Link:


T’was The Day Before Christmas…

Well hello there! It has been a few months since we last updated everyone on our blog. Our emotions have been a whirl wind of ups and downs which are to be expected but until you FEEL them… there is no preparing for the response of how you truly feel in that moment. A typical day of emotions rise with a constant thinking of Brisan. You still think about how unreal at times it really feels in brief segments but you always turn back to knowing he has been “healed”. That doesn't make it any better…. let's be truthful in the matter. We still have his bed up and pretty much the way he left it. Not a moment goes by you don't look over that way visualizing him sitting up and watching TV or something.

At times when you love on Parker you see glimpses of Brisan and for a tad second you feel guilty because you don't want any of your feeling to take away from the precious moments left with Mr. Stinky. He has been a fighter. When he is in a good mood… he makes an occasional “humming noise” with a slight groan. It is kind of like his “Master P” lyrics. Make them say “ummmmm”. (I am sure not all of you will get that ūüôā ).

Pete's Puffs Delivered

Tissue Delivery to Children's Mercy Hospital Pete's Puff for Brisan

In the New Chapel at Children's Mercy Hospital | KC

So in honor of our Bubbas, Jennifer orchestrated a Tissue drive so we can help Children's Mercy Hospital out because again… who wants to wipe their nose on sandpaper? Bueller.. Bueller? After 606 boxes (thank you guys for all of your support on this!!!) and sitting in our dinning room since the end of August ( I know… I know…), we carefully labeled them with the Pete's Puff's logo and a quick story about why they may have this box of tissue at their hands to use. So 606 individual boxes and 13 moving boxes packed up… we made our way down this past Monday, December 22nd to deliver them to the volunteer/ chapel / care team to quickly disperse.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

Snow in May?

It's been awhile everyone! It's been a crazy last few months. We've welcomed a few little ones into our home through foster care, one has left, I've started a new position with a new company, and Jennifer has been busy with her crafts & bakery. The past 2 weeks I have been out of town so kudos to Jennifer, friends, and family who stepped up out of their kindness to help accomodate her while I was unable to chip in with everyday life around the Stults household.

The boys have been doing ok. Still dealing with seizures and trying to keep Brisan as healthy as possible. He's been on that line of either getting really sick or just being real “junky” all the time. We have him on¬†antibiotics¬†to try to help starve off any¬†pneumonia, which is the biggest concern for either one of them since they are so weak already.

Duncan is doing good. He was very sad when little “B” (girl) left us last week. They moved her to a¬†kinship. ¬†Duncan has really been into playing the ipad game “mindcraft” where he get's to build things and etc. We've had to try to “monitor” his use a bit more.

We have more but just wanted to get something posted up on the site. Thank you guys again for all your prayers!

All Kinds Of Updates

It has been a little bit since we last updated everyone! Our household has been a bit crazy.


We found out on March 8th that we are official in the regards to being licensed foster parents in the State of Missouri. Some of you may have known that last year we started the process of going that route. Our end goal is to adopt a little baby girl considering our genetics aren't quite in our favor. Never been that good at playing poker.

We do understand that some people may not agree with this route and rightfully so but deep down inside when you get that gut feeling it is the right thing to do. We know nothing has been easy.. heck you can look back over our time with our family with Brisan and Parker.

The Boys

February was fast and furious right into March. Poor Mr. Parker has had a very hard time with seizures. They are picking up in frequency and severity. Last week we finally had enough and he was admitted into Children's Mercy Hospital to try to figure this out. A few of his meds were up'd but he'll need some time to adjust. Back in February… he was very sick… very weak. No muscle control… like a big floppy noodle to say the least. We haven't¬†experienced him that way.

Brisan has been the normal “Bubbas”. We started him on the cough assit machine which has been helping him. He still sounds pretty “junkie”. Over all he has been pretty good. A few weeks back, our Wednesday nurse helped him walk into our room and you can see his “eyes” light up. He hasn't been in our room at least a min. of a year. He use to walk/run in here all the time. I had her walk him into our bathroom which was another place he like to go. It brought back a lot of memories and made me very sad because of all his abilities that he has lost. They both are unable to walk on their own. Parker is so much weaker than Brisan. Parker use to be a tank.. solid.

Duncan… well this little crazy 5 ¬†year old is something else. Quite the hoot. We've had to take his ipad away a few times . Mainly due to him coming across¬†seemingly¬†ok videos to watch like video games and etc but the language gets a bit fowl. We think we have found a solution for this with iTubeList app. We are thinking of not giving it back anytime soon. We certainly don't want¬†technology¬†like this taking over his life so young w/o supervision. You can really see him growing up.. .asking questions. He got sad a few weeks ago because he mentioned about “dying”. He started crying about the conversation. ūüôĀ

Thank you to everyone for their kindness! Please keep us in your prayers.

Merry Christmas!

We wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas! We have been appreciative of your support, prayers, and love you've shared with us! It is hard to believe we are entering 2013. The boys have been doing O.K. recently. Brisan is officially home bound from school until we look at the circumstances again in the spring. Parker lately has been having a lot of seizures :(. Duncan is a man on a mission with his “barines” (marines) and “army guys”….

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas 2012