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Snow in May?

It's been awhile everyone! It's been a crazy last few months. We've welcomed a few little ones into our home through foster care, one has left, I've started a new position with a new company, and Jennifer has been busy with her crafts & bakery. The past 2 weeks I have been out of town so kudos to Jennifer, friends, and family who stepped up out of their kindness to help accomodate her while I was unable to chip in with everyday life around the Stults household.

The boys have been doing ok. Still dealing with seizures and trying to keep Brisan as healthy as possible. He's been on that line of either getting really sick or just being real “junky” all the time. We have him on antibiotics to try to help starve off any pneumonia, which is the biggest concern for either one of them since they are so weak already.

Duncan is doing good. He was very sad when little “B” (girl) left us last week. They moved her to a kinship.  Duncan has really been into playing the ipad game “mindcraft” where he get's to build things and etc. We've had to try to “monitor” his use a bit more.

We have more but just wanted to get something posted up on the site. Thank you guys again for all your prayers!