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Looking For A Registered Nurse

The last few weeks we have been searching for a full time registered nurse for Brisan and Parker. A long story short we decided to do away with our health aide and with that meant we had to find a new agency if we wanted to go with skilled nursing. Currently the agency that is assisting us has stated they have had trouble finding a person that would be willing to work the 1-9pm shift Monday through Friday. Read the rest of this entry »


Our Blizzard

Hi all, I know normally I am not the one that blogs but today I am. As I am sitting here in this blizzard watching the snow fall, I am thinking about Brisan and Parker. I often think about what they would be like if NPC was not taking them away from us. Would they be begging me to go outside and play in the snow like Duncan? Would they be watching the TV to see if school is canceled tomorrow? While Duncan is excited about the snow and spending time with Mommy and Daddy, Brisan and Parker really have no idea. But that is just our reality. They don’t even know what snow is anymore and don’t say Mommy or Daddy and have not for a long time.

Brisan and Parker Laughing

Brisan and Parker Laughing

I find myself having a hard time dealing with this “reality”. I know in my head that everything happens for a bigger picture but when you are in the forest it is hard to see anything but the tree in front of you. But when you take a step back that is when you can see the whole forest and the bigger picture. I was once told that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train.

As I have been talking with some friends on facebook, I am slowly starting to learn thatI have to ask for help when I need help, I have to allow myself to feel these feelings and I have to rely on those that have sadly gone before me. None of those are easy for me to do. I am a very planned and organizing person. But let’s face it, Niemann-Pick Type C has a plan of its own and is not organized like I wish it was.

On a good note, we have a new member of the family, Jenna. Jenna is our new personal health aid that is working with the boys. I have to say that she is great with the boys and she loves them as her own. That is exactly what we need. She is always asking us questions, wanting to learn more and more about them, their story and NPC. More that I can say for 98% of the ones in the past.

While I am very sad at our crazy daily life, it for some reason makes me want to fight even harder. This is where we need help. We know that we can’t fight this battle alone. We just can’t. We need your help, awareness is key. If we can save one other family from having to even know what NPC looks like then I would feel successful. I have heard several times lately that I am NOT Super Woman and Mike is not SuperMan. (That also doesn't mean I wont try though.) There has to be some way to make Brisan and Parker’s life better than it is already and also find a cure/ treatment for this monster. That being said, I think we may do some finger painting today with all three boys.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Last note, “The King has one more move!” I don’t know what it is but I have to trust in him and know that it is all for His glory and Brisan and Parker will and are making adifference in this fight against NPC!


Happy Birthday Parker & Duncan

Happy birthday to Parker & Duncan! Parker turned five this month and Duncan turned the big three!

Here is a video from their party. I was going to say short video but it is much longer :).

Thank you so much to all that came out even with all the snow! They both had a great time. Also thank you to Lee & Julie Bailes for taking pictures (will update this post as soon as we have them uploaded to get on here).

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Catch Up | Brisan and Parker

We haven't wrote for a few weeks. I went out of town for work last week and Mr. Parker on the 8th turned the BIG # 5!

The new year has started off well. Things for work (Mike) have been going well and progressing nicely. Jenn has started her master classes for school. I know she is so excited (minus the homework). Still trying to find suitable insurance but the price tag is very scary. It is well more than our mortgage yet we know we have to make a decision as soon as possible.

Brisan has been doing much better but he did develop a rash around his port-a-cath this week which caused us not to be able to access his port for their DDVAP infusions this week. On that note…looks like they have made arrangements to keep the supply of the drug to us :). Thank you for your prayers! The rash is essentially a yeast infection. You don't want to risk injecting that into the bloodstream because of the risk of all kinds of non fun stuff for him. We are applying topical and an oral medication to get through it. Brisan is a funny boy…. cute as well. He doesn't like to take a nap and we are glad he is being  himself since we've got a hold on that previous eye infection.

Mr. Parker… oh Parker! We should be getting his new wheelchair anytime (like six months later). It is identical to Brisan's but his will be blue. Still issues with bleeding but they are much more controlled. Now that doesn't mean we can tame him during the times we need to get the bleeding to stop :(. He has been enjoying school but you can clearly see his struggles walking and transitioning to different services. End of last week I went up stairs to check on them and he was stuck on the floor in between his bathroom door and the hallway.   He doesn't know how to compensate to get up since he couldn't lean forward to gain leverage to be able to do so. Hard to imagine that 5 years ago we were blessed to have him!

Duncan's 3rd birthday is upcoming on the 28th this month! This boy is something else…oh wait, maybe normal for the most part? He never ceases to amaze us. One day I came down from upstairs and he said “Hi Dad, whats up?”. LOL We've been working on potty training with him. I think he owns more underwear than all females combined on our block. It's like he needs to make a fashion statement!

Duncan was evaluated for potentially going into a pre-k class like Parker but the school district is saying he isn't smart enough to be a peer model yet not “dumb” enough to be apart of the program. (No that wasn't there exact words). We felt he should qualify based upon other areas. He especially has two older brothers that are poor models for him to interact with. We would like to get him around other kids his age as much as possible. It would be nice if we didn't have to work to be around him all day and just have a blast with them all!

Thank you again for everything!

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Duncan The Cheese Ball and Brisan’s G-Tube

On Monday Brisan was having troubles with his seizures and his right eye started to look funky again. I think we might buy him an eye patch so he can be a full time pirate if need be. Here are a couple videos we took last night. One of Duncan being silly and a complete cheese ball saying his name, trying to count, and how he has his underwear on backwards.

Also have Brisan getting his treatment done on his G-Tube site. He has a fungus around it and the skin is pretty broken down around the area. You will see we have him in a “onesie” that we cut a hole above his G-Tube. The onesie is so he won't “play” with his diaper as much but it totally gets in the way of doing his feeds/ medicine. This is the new regiment minus the cleansing wash we have to do recommended yesterday by the doctor. Interesting enough Medicaid paid for most of the supplies but something little that typically would be covered they did not. This is messed up with no private insurance…well at least affordable health insurance. We know the future will be better at some point with this issue but we have to “move along” as needed.

[Link to Duncan being Silly:]

[Link to Brisan's G-Tube application & eye drops:]


Update 11-17-2010

Just a quick update for everyone. Brisan has been doing well. A few throwing up spells but overall he has been in good health considering all things.

Parker has taken a couple big spills forcing us to have him stay in his chair more often. We don't have enough bubble wrap to put up every where in the house! They both have been enjoying school which is a delight!

Duncan is still potty training. For the most part he is starting to get the hang of it. We have a meeting Friday to see if he will start school on his 3rd birthday in January.

We still are dealing with health insurance and trying to figure out the best thing to do. Having Brisan and Parker on Medicaid isn't the best option but realistically we are being priced out of the market for private insurance.