Catch Up | Brisan and Parker

We haven't wrote for a few weeks. I went out of town for work last week and Mr. Parker on the 8th turned the BIG # 5!

The new year has started off well. Things for work (Mike) have been going well and progressing nicely. Jenn has started her master classes for school. I know she is so excited (minus the homework). Still trying to find suitable insurance but the price tag is very scary. It is well more than our mortgage yet we know we have to make a decision as soon as possible.

Brisan has been doing much better but he did develop a rash around his port-a-cath this week which caused us not to be able to access his port for their DDVAP infusions this week. On that note…looks like they have made arrangements to keep the supply of the drug to us :). Thank you for your prayers! The rash is essentially a yeast infection. You don't want to risk injecting that into the bloodstream because of the risk of all kinds of non fun stuff for him. We are applying topical and an oral medication to get through it. Brisan is a funny boy…. cute as well. He doesn't like to take a nap and we are glad he is being  himself since we've got a hold on that previous eye infection.

Mr. Parker… oh Parker! We should be getting his new wheelchair anytime (like six months later). It is identical to Brisan's but his will be blue. Still issues with bleeding but they are much more controlled. Now that doesn't mean we can tame him during the times we need to get the bleeding to stop :(. He has been enjoying school but you can clearly see his struggles walking and transitioning to different services. End of last week I went up stairs to check on them and he was stuck on the floor in between his bathroom door and the hallway.   He doesn't know how to compensate to get up since he couldn't lean forward to gain leverage to be able to do so. Hard to imagine that 5 years ago we were blessed to have him!

Duncan's 3rd birthday is upcoming on the 28th this month! This boy is something else…oh wait, maybe normal for the most part? He never ceases to amaze us. One day I came down from upstairs and he said “Hi Dad, whats up?”. LOL We've been working on potty training with him. I think he owns more underwear than all females combined on our block. It's like he needs to make a fashion statement!

Duncan was evaluated for potentially going into a pre-k class like Parker but the school district is saying he isn't smart enough to be a peer model yet not “dumb” enough to be apart of the program. (No that wasn't there exact words). We felt he should qualify based upon other areas. He especially has two older brothers that are poor models for him to interact with. We would like to get him around other kids his age as much as possible. It would be nice if we didn't have to work to be around him all day and just have a blast with them all!

Thank you again for everything!

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