Parker’s Funeral Service & Eulogy

Tomorrow, February 23 will mark one month since Parker passed and went on to live free from his earthly body. In great joy for him and Brisan, it still leaves us very fragile and sad while we journey down this immense path of grieving. Our journey with Niemann-Pick Type C in some ways have ended but it still is a great part of our life story.

Below you will find Parker's funeral service & eulogy. We appreciate everyone that was able to make it out to celebrate Parker and show your support. We know that in just 10 months you'd be having the same thought of “weren't we just here?”. It took a lot of strength for you to come back for Parker and we appreciate that. As we continue life and attempt to find our new daily normal, it still seems strange to look over at their beds to know they are physically not here.

We want to thank the entire PV Staff for helping out with this.


Songs during service:

He's My Son by Mark Schultz
Broken Hallelujah by The Afters
He Will Rise by Chris Tomlin

God Called A Little Child

God called a little child
To live with Him above,
His life on earth was short
But he brought them so much love.

This child given for a time
For years he will live on,
In hearts and minds whose lives he shared
Will seem he's never gone.
this little one who lives above
Whose frame they cannot hold,
Will go on shining in their lives
And never will grow old.

Yet others' lives that no one knows
Will share a part of him,
They'll feel the love his family has,
Because a gift was given.

By Wendy May Phillips


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