Happy Birthday Brisan – 8 Years Old

Today Brisan turns 8 years old! Hard to believe that we have a big guy already! We've been so blessed to have Brisan. We hope we have may more with him!
Brisan 8 Years Old
Brisan Touching His Cake

On Sunday, 8-26-2012 we had the pleasure of meeting Havliah & Guy from Minnesota who were driving through back home. They have a little guy Mason who also has Niemann-Pick Type C disease. We were very appreciative that we had the opportunity to spend a few hours with them over lunch!

  • Jill Flinton

    So glad you were able to spend time with the Martinez family!  And of course, Happy Birthday to Brisan!

  • MichaelGStults

    🙂 – It was a good time! Glad it worked out so last minute for everyone!

  • Havi-j

    🙂 That was great. 

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