Dude Wheres My Hat

It's been busy in the Stults household. To say the least that is. Well heck…when isn't it? We found out that Duncan was accepted as a peer model for Early Childhood at the Grain Valley School District a few weeks back. That is so exciting for him! He really has been urning to play with his “friends” he calls them.

Mr. Parker and Mr. Brisan have been playing “who can throw up the most” game. It must be some weird college game or something. Maybe it was from watching Americas Next Top Model? (It's ok to laugh at my silliness). All the vomiting has thrown a damper into pretty much life. That would mean changing feeding schedules, school, and etc. As of the time I write this post it has settled a tad down.

Tonight (5/4) Brisan is at CMH getting a 48 hr EKG done. You can see the below picture someone is missing their hat. He just looks thrilled doesn't he? The appointment today was unexpected as of this afternoon and CMH called to ask if he can be here. Kinda messes things up some but we'll manage. He is doing ok right now. We haven't ever gotten a true “reading” on his brain activity. Hopefully this will give the nuero dude some more insight for us.

Me & Jenn are chugging through. Jenn is still working on her master classes as she bakes goodies to help us raise a few dollars for NPCF. Last Friday I was apart of the Man of The Year contest held here in Kansas city. You can check out my original post here: http://www.michaelstults.com/VoteForMe also here is the results: http://www.michaelstults.com/cgl. Long story short I missed out on about 4k to our charity. I was runner up which is pretty good and I'll remember that when I play horseshoes or with grenades.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We only get through this because of our God and the love of other people. 🙂

EKG Brisan 5-4-2011