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It’s been a few weeks…

It has been a few weeks since we last gave an update for everyone. Brisan and Parker seem to be doing better for now. We haven't had any ER trips or anything very special.

Last weekend my mom and step-dad put together a fundraiser for the boys. It went well for the first time they've attempted something of that nature. To us we were thankful and any help is indescribably appreciated.

I did get a few questions if I found work. The answer is yes! I started a few weeks back with a similar company as the one I worked at before in the online marketing space. I can't take credit for this opportunity. It really was God putting it in my lap. I had other interviews but things didn't work out as far as pay or just the overall situation. I am aware that my previous employer isn't too excited for me to have this job but I am fond of living in my home and providing for my family. They certainly didn't consider my family to thoroughly when they eliminated my position. My intentions are pure and nothing in me wants to be detrimental.

Here on August 8, 2010 will mark the two year anniversary that we received the crazy news about the diagnosis of Niemann-Pick Type C. Below you might have heard this recording in the past but it was a few days after his tonsil and adenoids surgery he called me at work and left me a voicemail. The sad part is  he talked pretty well at that point but now he is pretty nonverbal. Now he can still talk but just doesn't choose to say much anymore. If so they are typically one word phrases.

Brisan5-27-08 by MichaelStults

Bath Time

Just a quick video I got of the boys before we gave them a bath. Parker and Duncan love bath time. Brisan would rather go and hide from us! Always glad to see the boys happy when these small things perk them up. As you will see Brisan wasn't too thrilled. He was “hanging out”. (Sorry the video is not on the screen. It just wouldn't budge regardless of what dimensions I inputted!)

View Video on Youtube (if your reading this in an email update)

ER, haven’t we seen you before?

Last weekend we spent precious time in the ER at Children's Mercy Hospital with both Brisan and Parker. They both had a horrible cough started and on top of it had been running fevers since July 4th. The concern is if they have a high fever that maybe that could be a sign they have a blood infection? Doesn't sound fun and we were told to bring them in without question if a fever developed. This of course is in concern with their port-a-caths.

They kept us over night and allowed us to go home last Sunday. This week they have been doing better and are stable. Whatever they had was some type of virus and now seems to be gone. During this whole time we experienced the first time being asked if we had a DNR? That really threw us for a loop!

A week from this Saturday my mom and step-dad are having a fundraiser in Lee's Summit along with other friends/ volunteers. There is going to be great music and several different bands, live auction along with other items for sale on the side of the event. Food will be available.

July 24, 2010

9:00 am to 7:00 pm

VFW Hall

329 SE Douglas Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


$5.00 donation at the door

Parker Update

Parker Stults at CMH 7-5-10Monday night we had to take Parker into the ER because he spiked a 103 degree temperature. One of the main concerns with them getting their port-a-cath is if they do develop a temperature then we need to have them taken in immediately to make sure that there is no infection of the blood taking place. If that ever did happen…that wouldn't be fun for anyone involved especially the little men!

The blood culture takes a few days to get back so there was no diffident conclusion last night. The biggest shocker is that he has lost 6 lbs! He is down to 37 lbs which he hasn't been for a super long time! For a kid that loves to eat…

Thank you to everyone that has kept us in your prayers!