Parker Update

Parker Stults at CMH 7-5-10Monday night we had to take Parker into the ER because he spiked a 103 degree temperature. One of the main concerns with them getting their port-a-cath is if they do develop a temperature then we need to have them taken in immediately to make sure that there is no infection of the blood taking place. If that ever did happen…that wouldn't be fun for anyone involved especially the little men!

The blood culture takes a few days to get back so there was no diffident conclusion last night. The biggest shocker is that he has lost 6 lbs! He is down to 37 lbs which he hasn't been for a super long time! For a kid that loves to eat…

Thank you to everyone that has kept us in your prayers!

  • Laura Hrbacek

    We are praying for your family

  • Oh Laura. I think your family needs the additional prayers at this time. Your barely a week into knowing that Emily is pain free and not suffering anymore. We certainly don’t want to experience your struggle any time soon in this department. I am personally humbled to know that with all the strength you are going to need that you would consider taking a few seconds out of your day to lift us up in prayer. 🙂

  • Thinking of you all and hope the results are good.

  • Thank you so much Tania! Hope all is well for you guys!!!!

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