It’s been a few weeks…

It has been a few weeks since we last gave an update for everyone. Brisan and Parker seem to be doing better for now. We haven't had any ER trips or anything very special.

Last weekend my mom and step-dad put together a fundraiser for the boys. It went well for the first time they've attempted something of that nature. To us we were thankful and any help is indescribably appreciated.

I did get a few questions if I found work. The answer is yes! I started a few weeks back with a similar company as the one I worked at before in the online marketing space. I can't take credit for this opportunity. It really was God putting it in my lap. I had other interviews but things didn't work out as far as pay or just the overall situation. I am aware that my previous employer isn't too excited for me to have this job but I am fond of living in my home and providing for my family. They certainly didn't consider my family to thoroughly when they eliminated my position. My intentions are pure and nothing in me wants to be detrimental.

Here on August 8, 2010 will mark the two year anniversary that we received the crazy news about the diagnosis of Niemann-Pick Type C. Below you might have heard this recording in the past but it was a few days after his tonsil and adenoids surgery he called me at work and left me a voicemail. The sad part is  he talked pretty well at that point but now he is pretty nonverbal. Now he can still talk but just doesn't choose to say much anymore. If so they are typically one word phrases.

Brisan5-27-08 by MichaelStults