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It’s The New Year!

Wow, it's 2011 already. Seems like we just were starting 2010 and feeling funny about writing “10” on the end of our dates. ha

Christmas was incredible this year and we have so many things to be thankful for! Brisan & Parker started school on the 4th. It feels very nice to be back into a routine of some sorts. I can tell they are happy to. We have some new medications to try this month which is always fun. I think they are walking experiment labs…

Duncan still is being a cute little boy. He walked up to Jennifer last night and hugged her saying “your best mommy'! Ahhhhhh We've been potty training him and he is making progress. Sometimes he would rather hold it. He's getting pretty close to the world record I think… JK.

For our non profit Niemann-Pick Children's Fund, we have some lofty goals this year. We also have some projects to help raise more awareness. No matter what, this all benefits everyone affected with Niemann-Pick Type C. So I hope others in our disease community and other groups realize that.

Thank you for a wonderful 2010 in praying, loving, and keeping us in your thoughts. We're humbled each and every day for the support you truly provide for us!