Brisan Starts Kindergarten!

Brisan started Kindergarten this week! Parker also started his last year of Early Sped which kicked off in the new Early Childhood Development building about 1-2 miles away from the house in front of the district building. They both seemed to have a good week from the feedback we received. It is kinda nice that Parker leaves earlier than Brisan now. We don't have to rush getting both ready at the same time.

Brisan Stults on Front Porch

Brisan front porch

Brisan on bus

Parker on bus

I shot some video of Brisan getting on the bus but my video programs are not working properly to edit the video to put it into one video for you all at this time.

Brisan also got to experience the pain of having his G-Tube ripped out of his tummy. Our Health Aide accidently pulled him out of his chair while still connected to his feed and it got yanked out. Since I've been working from home I happen to walk down the stairs literally right when it happened. Everything seems to be ok and I sprang into action to get a new one in. I am pretty sure he was sore that afternoon!

I took the boys on Saturday to go get their haircut before  church. Yes, I know this is after school started. This seems to be a tradition in my family. HA They both cried like no ones business. Brisan more so than Parker but they just don't like getting their haircut. It is sensory overload!!! I didn't get the haircut in progress because I had to lend my hands in helping the stylist cut their dew!

Brisan and Parker HairCut Trip 8-21-10

I think Brisan found his boys.

Brisan's birthday party is next Saturday August 28th at Pleasant Valley Baptist in the Cafe. Jennifer has been working very hard on being creative with all the cakes and goodies. We hope you all can come out and enjoy them!

Isn't he a stinker?

Duncan pointing

Duncan waiting for the bus

Duncan sitting in the grass