The World Has Imploded…

Well maybe not completely! It has been of course a few weeks since we last updated every one. On 5/24/10 I unexpectedly was informed that my position at work was eliminated. The term “coming out of left field” doesn't even begin to describe the situation. The company had to make some tough decisions due to financial reasons. I am working hard to find employment else where. We hope that it doesn't take long because essentially they only offered me my last check. Talk about not knowing what will happen….We know God will provide but it is scary either way. Along with my traditional resume I created It is something I am using with my marketing game plan to find a job!

For Memorial day weekend we went to Family Camp with Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. We are very thankful we had the pleasure of attending. It was difficult at times because Brisan and Parker unintentionally do get hurt while playing with their peers. With the reduced coordination skills it makes it more difficult for them requiring a ton more supervision. It was nice to get away…get away from life for a few minutes even though we're consistently reminded with the boys the differences they have between their peers.

Stults Family Camp 5-29-10

Brisan, Parker, and Duncan have been OK. As you see from the pictures below Parker has been fondling his butt as if it was his own little worry stone. This is his new thing. The boys started EYS (extended school year) last Thursday. Jennifer also visited Leggit Trails in Blue Springs to see how that school fit the boy's needs or at least Brisan's for now. Jennifer felt after her visit that they have all the accommodations that we would need to properly provided full services for Brisan.

Parker with his hands in his pants 6-6-10Parker 6-6-10Brisan laughing 6-6-10

Brisan 6-6-10

Thank you to everyone that has kept our family in your prayers. We are very thankful and always want everyone to know this. We all have lives and problems that arise in our worlds but for you to take time out of your day to lift our family up in prayer is very special. Please don't forget about the Car Wash Fundraiser for the boys on June 26th. Details Brisan and Parker Car Wash Fundraiser.

  • Darla Sartain

    Such a beautiful family. I will always pray for your family and help as much as I can. The car wash is going to be a huge success and I am looking foward to meeting the family. Love and prayers, Darla

  • Laura Hrbacek

    Wow Mike – your world has been turned up side down. Know that we are thinking about you and your family and I hope things turn around soon!!!!

  • Laura Hrbacek

    Wow Mike – your world has been turned up side down. Know that we are thinking about you and your family and I hope things turn around soon!!!! We are praying for you!!!

  • You are in our prayers…We hope to soon follow those prayers with action!!!

    You guys are a great family!!!


  • Rose Starer

    I was forwarded a prayer request from a PW group yesterday for Parker since he was at ER this week because high temperature. It is written Our Lord healed all that asked of Him when He walked on earth. Just as the invalid was lowered down from roof in front of Jesus in room below, let us all join is raising Brisan and Parker up to the Throne Room of Heaven where Our Lord now sits at the right hand of Our Father. We ask You Lord to heal these boys. And yet Lord, I will never stop believing in Romans 8:28 – All things work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to His purpose. Even this trial of the Stults family, Lord, You will work for good. And one day we will find out what that is. thank You Lord. I pray for employment for Michael, for strength and great faith needed in this family and for granny Celia too. For peace and patience and for the meeting of all earthly and spiritual needs of this family with great faith. Amen.

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