Parker’s 2nd Update | Recovery Begins At Home

Just a quick update on Mr. Parker! We were able to come home Thursday evening. TheParker in recliner 3-26-10 doctors felt comfortable because he wasn't bleeding which was a main concern before surgery. Parker is very sore and  uncomfortable. It took him about a day to realize that he just can't get up and run around like before because his tummy hurts.

The last few nights have been rough because he wanted to toss and turn but he couldn't. We found a solution yesterday mid morning. Thanks to papa, he has bought the boys each a recliner of their own over the last few years. Now which one belongs to who is hard to decide at this point but it came in very handy!  Parker enjoyed just sitting their with the bottom leg support propped up while he watched his cartoons! Pretty cute! He just needed a remote!

Here is what his tummy looks like with the G-Tube and port-a-cath. Underneath his right breast you see a bump. That is where the port-a-cath location is where they can give injections or take blood. We won't access the port probably for 3-4 weeks. Up by his neck that is where the part of the catheter is located. The below picture gives you a better idea how it looks inside of him. The biggest risk with this is infection. As Jennifer stated a few days ago it was a hard decision to make but we feel it is the right one if they are going to be getting infusions every week. They already are nervous when they do the infusions already. It really is the sticking point of the process that gets them. Heck I'm an adult and I hate that feeling.

Brisan and Duncan are doing good. They are at gma's and papa's house. We're set to pick them up today. Can't wait to see them but this will be interesting since Parker can't really move around right now. Duncan probably will want to come jump on his belly! Brisan will get his port-a-cath on April 7th.

We thank you all for your prayers! It truly is each one of you that lifts us up to the Lord that we're able to get through challenging times.

Parker's stomach 3-25-10

Parker's G-Tube 3-25-10implantable port-a-cath

  • Dolly Kemerling

    I am so amazed by your son’s. When you meet people you don’t know what their lifes are like or what problems they have to face each day. God has given you and your beautiful wife a hand full. You are both very strong and know God does not give you more than you can handle. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers and I am blessed to be able to learn from your son’s and their parents. Thank you for sharing their story with the world on facebook.

  • Dolly,

    Thank you so very much. Your absolutely right that you just don’t know what life is like for some folks when you meet them. Thank you for accepting my card on the airplane. I really do try to take time to at least let people know about Niemann-Pick Type C because it is so dear to our hearts with the lil guys. God does have a plan for us and it is hard to see through everything that is going on what he has in store for us. Were only as strong as all the prayers/support we get. He does listen when we ask. Thank you kindly!


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