Pete’s Puffs


Story of Pete's Puffs

With every box of Puff's or Kleenex we receive, we put a sticker with Pete's logo and the saying below to tag each of the boxes. Pete was Brisan's stuffed doggie that he loved oh so much (literally loved the stuffing right out of him!). As one of the most overlooked areas at our local Children's hospital (not purposely but I am sure tissues just aren't as “appealing” to give!), we found ourselves in the wee morning hours of March 4, 2014 in complete distress from losing our oldest son Brisan Stults (9.5 yrs).

Jennifer goes to wipe her nose on the little square, 1 ply (maybe 2 ply…) and says “you would think with my kid dying that they could afford to have better tissues that didn't feel like sandpaper”. Thus, Pete's Puff's were born.

Sadly, Parker passed away January 23, 2015 just 15 days after his 9th birthday. Within 10 months we lost both of our oldest sons due to a horrible disease like Niemann-Pick Type C. Our goal through the kindness of others is to continue giving to CMH to honor our boys and provide a little “comfort” that will aid in the littlest possible way. We've given nearly 1,000 boxes of Kleenex's/ Puffs to date (April 2015).

Every box of Pete's Puffs reads:

Hi, my name is Pete. My best friend Brisan Stults spent many days and weeks in Children's Mercy. Sadly, my best friend is no longer able to love on me; but when he was here I was a soft comfort and lovely. I am so sorry that you are needing a soft tissue right now. Brisan's family and friends could really of used a soft tissue the night that Brisan went ot Heaven. So in honor and Love of Brisan Stults, please accept these tissues. Our thoughts and prayers are with your child and family during this rough time. —- To learn more about Brisan and his family check out their family website

How You Can Help

If you feel in your heart that you'd like to send us a couple of boxes to contribute, please visit our Contact page to reach out.

Brisan Stults & Parker Stults