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Happy Thanksgiving 11-25-10

Gobble GobbleWanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We have many things to be thankful for.

Today the boys will get their infusions of DDVAP (Desmopressin) a few hours earlier so we can enjoy our Thanksgiving Lunch with family here at the house. Jennifer will be doing the infusions with the help of our nurse today. I plan on taking a little video of the whole process to share with everyone.

The bad news is we found out Monday that 1 of the 2 companies in the US that manufactures the Desmopressin has shut their plant down. That leaves a huge shortage and we were informed that the drug is on indefinite hold until further notice. That simply means to us that on Monday November 29th will be Brisan and Parker's last infusion.

At this time we don't have another option to help try to control their bleeding issues which leaves a big void of unknown and uncertainty in that area. You would think there would be an alternative drug we could use but that isn't the case this time around.

Enjoy Turkey Day!

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Pictures of Brisan’s nose

Here are some pictures I got this morning of Brisan's nose. You can see he is pretty swollen!

Brisans nose 1Brisans nose 2Brisans nose 3

Parker not doing well

Yesterday was our last day for the NAC drug trial but unfortunately isn't our last day here. Early yesterday morning both boys started throwing up. They took turns every 15 minutes it felt like. After 3 sheet changes we made it into phlebotomy for their blood work.

We were essentially done after eating breakfast; well the boys didn't eat or show any interest. While in the lobby of the PED's clinic talking with other Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) families Parker had a nice projectile vomit! After that moment he just became more pale than he normally is. Dr. Porter saw him and he was instantly concerned. We brought him back to an examination room where they think he had some type of seizure we didn't catch that made him unresponsive to what they were doing with him. We also found out we were suppose to leave Friday evening not Saturday.

During that time Jennifer's family (Uncle Jim's sister Tammy and family) drove up to visit but I was in the lobby with them during that time when Parker was not Parker. I do remember glancing in the room without knowing what was happening and thinking that Parker didn't look right. We all know Parker how if he thinks your going to touch him he responds!!!!!!!!!

Parker before ICU 4-23-10

Dr. Porter and Dr. Holmes felt that the floor they had him on where Dr. Porter does his protocol work for NPC, wasn't suitable to watch him properly. So they moved him up to ICU on the 3rd floor. At this point it was about 9 pm EST and poor Brisan hadn't even taken a real nap all day. He also was vomiting but he didn't act like Parker did (Brisan seems to be doing well this morning as I write this).

The biggest concern after getting Parker into a room for testing was why his hemoglobin was so low. It was a level 6 which in adults we would be pretty lethargic and non responsive.  His heart rate and pulse were up and his blood pressure was low. The question that remains is where is all the blood going? Jennifer updated me this morning that they gave him a blood transfusion and he is now up to level 9. She said he isn't a 100% but appears to be improving from the low points over the last 24hrs.

We have a scheduled plane ride tonight at 6 pm EST but we are a 100% sure that isn't going to happen. I would suspect maybe Monday we could come home (???). Thank you for all your support and prayers! Truly it is your support that makes things better because alone we are not capable of producing such comfort on our own.

Isaiah 41:10 ESV
fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Next week we’re heading to the NIH

Parker and Brisan are doing better. Parker seems to be walking in an improved state.  Wednesday Duncan decided to jump on the couch and broke Jennifer's nose. She isn't feeling well and has an appointment with the ENT on Monday to see what can be done to resolve the issue. She posted the x-rays on her Facebook profile page.

April 21-24 we will have our last visit to the NIH for the NAC drug trial. That Thursday will be used to provide insight into Brisan's sinuses and polyps along with the finishing touches of paperwork / examinations they will perform. Nothing major expect 14 tubes of blood! In May we will start Zavesca back up but I am sure we will talk with Dr. Porter more about it to get his insight.

Brisan and Parker's port-a-cath sites are looking good. Monday will be the first time they can access Parker's site for his infusions. They also took Parker off AMICAR and gave him another drug in its place.

Maybe we go home today?

Jennifer stayed the night with Brisan while I went home to gather the heard (dogs). Looks like his incisions started bleeding sometime this morning. They applied some pressure bandages to them.

This morning they were not for sure they were going to allow us to go home today but they just came in and said we could leave. Well of course after taking the pressure bandages off there still was some bleeding. I think we will get to go home tonight. They feel fine since we are local that if an issue arises that we could come back ( I had to giggle at that one!)

Here he is very happy 🙂

Brisan 4-8-10

Brisan is recovering

So far so good for today for Mr. Brisan. Pretty similar story to Parker’s surgery but today went very smooth per Dr. St. Peter. Brisan had his port-a-cath put in just like Parker did exactly two weeks ago today (April 7, 2010).

The morning started off well. He was such a trooper when they had to stick him for his IV to give him his DDVAP & blood platelets.

Brisan's platelets

Brisan is currently resting and has really been asleep the whole time since post operation recovery. He had a small nose bleed after surgery when one of the nurses went to suction his nose out with all that snot! He moved and it got him!

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.  We are hoping that this makes the anxiety and a piece of our life slightly better with the infusions.

Brisan after surgery 4-7-10