Niemann-Pick Type C Disease

“Dementia is something usually associated with older people. However, children, teenagers and young adults can experience dementia as a result of a number of rare diseases and conditions. Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC) is an example of one of these diseases, and one of its main symptoms is dementia.

We Love You Brisan & Parker!



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Your phone rings, the doctor says “I am sorry to tell you this” and then your life changes forever.

Stults Family November 2011

Brisan and Parker Stults were diagnosed in August/September 2008 with a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease called “Niemann Pick Type C Disease (NPC)” or also known as the”Childhood Alzheimer's”. The outcome…Fatal.

Parker, Brisan, Duncan | Nelson Atkins Museum

We need your help in spreading awareness, funds to support research, medical needs for Brisan and Parker, and simply your prayers for our family including the small number of families in the U.S (around 75). The more people that are aware of how this rare disease relates to other common diseases, more people will be saved including our precious Brisan and Parker.

The first thought that may come to mind is what is this fatal disease? Why have I never heard of this? Is there a cure? Take a tour of our site, read our BLOG, and learn more about Brisan and Parker and this horrible disease that burdens their life.

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Brisan StultsParker StultsDuncan Stults

Brisan, Parker, Duncan October 30, 2010

“It is better to trust the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Psalms 118:8

Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) is a very cruel degenerative neurological disease in destroying the body's cells within an affected individuals body due to the storage of cholesterol build up. Mainly children through adolescent are affected but it can present itself in adulthood, although rare. Dementia is just one of the main symptoms. Found on Chromosome 18, NPC is sometimes referred to as the “Childhood Alzheimer's” because of the similar pathological features it shares with Adult Onset Alzheimer's. Keep in mind the bigger issue is the loss of intellectual function that is severe in both whether your a child or an adult. NPC is one of about 50-60 Lysosomal Storage Disease that ultimately are always fatal including NPC. Please Visit What is Niemann-Pick Type C to learn more.

Being parents of two affected children, this cause is dear to our hearts. Only through awareness and donations can we potentially impact this RARE disease and show how it relates to other metabolic/ neurological disorders that are more prevailing in our society. Also visit our 501(c)3 non profit Niemann-Pick Children's Fund, Inc.

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