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What would 15 be like for you?

Today, we celebrate you, Brisan! 15 years old? Get outta here!

That doesn’t seem possible! Happy Birthday to you Bubbas up in heaven! I would wish you one heck of a day up there but from what I am told it’s a party that literally is out of this world!

Every year seems to become a bit more strange only because you are not here but also for the fact that you’d be morphing into a young adult in your own right. You’d be in high school right now! That seems so “odd” to say! It’s fascinating to wonder what type of life you’d would have lived thus far if the circumstances were different for you and Parker. How you would be socially with your friends… what kind of sports would you have played? What kind of other activities would you have been into? What would you be asking for your birthday now being a big 15 years old!?!?! Who would be your best friend? Would you have a girlfriend …oooooo :)?

Those are questions we will never know. They are locked away in another dimension never to be told because that simply wasn’t your life story… our life story. No matter the emotional distress that has been placed upon us, you live on forever in our hearts and we carry on life until we are called home like you were. The pain felt is so real and far greater than we can every truly realize because we couldn't carry that pain all by ourselves. Thank you for making me a father… your father. Now, you're at home with the ultimate Father. What a satisfying feeling.

I love you so very much and I know Duncan misses you a lot! I remember when he told me that “you were probably eating Cheetos” in heaven! That was very touching of him to say…

So, how are those Cheetos?

Happy Birthday, son.