Looking For A Registered Nurse

The last few weeks we have been searching for a full time registered nurse for Brisan and Parker. A long story short we decided to do away with our health aide and with that meant we had to find a new agency if we wanted to go with skilled nursing. Currently the agency that is assisting us has stated they have had trouble finding a person that would be willing to work the 1-9pm shift Monday through Friday.

The other problem could be that we only get one nurse but we have two children that need the assistance. In many other states you get one nurse per disabled or needing patient; not in Missouri though. So I am sure that detours some folks away from wanting to take on the challenge. I mean why would you want to work twice as hard with two children when you are theoretically only getting paid for one patient at the same wage? Yeah I know good point.

This Wednesday all three boys start school! Brisan will be in 1st grade. Parker in kindergarten and Duncan will be a peer model at the Early Childhood Center. Crazy enough as that sounds we are still thinking about all the “work” that will need to be done every morning to pull off this game plan. 🙂

Overall please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.