Parker Graduates Preschool

On May 20th Parker graduated Early Childhood or better known as Preschool! He was the only one to graduate out of his class this year. We are very proud of him and it is also a sad moment because the teachers have seen Parker and Brisan both grow up in their classrooms. He is such a cutie and he diffidently earns his nickname “stinky”. I purposely put him in his shirt that has Charlie Brown on it saying ” I do my own stunts”. This is all very true. Brisan's graduation from Kindergarten will be this upcoming Friday.

Parker graduating may 2011

Check out his graduating video below [ For email subscribers visit The Graduation Video of Parker here. ]

Here is a link to the full 12 minutes of the whole class singing songs and Parker's Graduation.

Niemann-Pick Type C is unfortunately a deadly neurological disease that takes their lives early depending upon when neurological symptoms present themselves.  You can see Parker needs assistance to get up, walk, and he isn't very stable. There aren't many graduations left. 🙁