Surgery Appointment for Parker

Gastrostomy_MIC-Key ButtonTomorrow we have an appointment with Dr. St. Peters at Children's Mercy Hospital to go over whether or not Parker will get a G-Tube like Brisan has. They say it is better to be proactive when they don't really need it than before they do. The poor little man has some weird eating habits. I've nicknamed him “Hoover” because not even that vacuum could out dual Parker in an eating contest! He isn't chewing his food. Basically just inhaling and swallowing.

G-Tube Diagraham

In neurological disorders, especially like Niemann-Pick Type C (NP-C), they have difficulty swallowing which leads to aspiration, choking, and potential prolonged meal times (can you say stressful for the family!). Sometimes a person with a neurological disease that slowly takes these rights away from us, may dread eating at all. I highly doubt Parker is dreading eating but we are glad that he still shows strong interest in it!

Unlike Brisan, Parker will take his medications orally. I remember last year when we went through this with Brisan and how after surgery things seemed to get worse for him. I know that I don't want to see that for Parker. I also personally worry that everything is so crowded and enlarged in his stomach region that if we do this surgery how will this play into things? I mean this is a pretty big deal and I'm not really ready to have two of them with one!I know they are brothers but they don't need to have two of the same “toy”.

Please keep Parker and our family in your prayers. We truly only get through the days with continued support emotionally from all types of loving individuals such as yourself. Here is a diagram of what this whole thing is!

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