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We Wonder What You’re Thinking


Me and Jennifer say all the time that we wonder what Brisan and Parker are thinking? I am sure for them it is like being in a jail cell screaming at that top of your lungs only to find out that they have you in a sound proof room with only a pin hole for people to hear you.

Can you image the picture of someone looking out through your eyes with a reflection back showing you imprisoned behind bars? This isn't to be all sad, just an observation I think we all think about but we don't necessarily tell people.

They are good little troopers. Brisan is still dealing with his Ileus but has been in a fairly good mood. Looking to get him back to school on Monday. Parker has been pretty fair. Duncan has been all over the place! Being sweet at times like below when he told Jenn that he wanted to feed Brisan.

Duncan Feeding Brisan 2-23