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Parker Update | Brisan’s Pre Opp Appointment

Today I took Brisan to his Pre Admissions Testing appointment. I was pleased to see that all of the kinks had been worked out from Parker’s surgery last week. While we were there Brisan was talking a lot. Over about the past month Brisan has really not been talking unless he is mad about the TV or if he wants a cookie. So it was really good to see.

Speaking of Parker. Parker is doing well. He is wanting to move around more and more everyday. The only problem is that he does still have sutures in his stomach and he is still really sore. Try explaining that to Parker. He does not understand that he can not run around and fall on his port. We do have some concerns however about how he is walking. He is dragging his feet and turning both of them out really bad. We will see about more PT in the next few weeks if it does not get better.

Another big thing is we are trying to get the boys a Home Health nurse to come out a couple times a week for both Brisan and Parker. That would also open a bunch of doors for us to get the boys home OT and PT. Having that at home will also help us with the things that we are having major issues with, the stairs, feeding, bathing, teeth brushing, falling, speech, aggression just to mention a few. The more the help we can get to keep with going the better in our opinion.