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So How Are We Doing?

A very good question these days, “How are you doing?”. One that we will continually have to develop and fully find the answer for us. April 4th marked one month that Brisan went home to be with Jesus. He's laughing, he's running around, he's doing all the things this life wasn't able to fully give him and he's doing it all CARE FREE! You talk about a gift that you can never give a your child when you are physically unable to change the outcome of their abilities.

We miss him terribly. We've left his bed pretty much the way he left it when the paramedics came to take him down to the hospital. Your “normal” coming inside to greet Brisan after you put Parker & Duncan on the bus really hits you at first and it still kinda of does. Bedtime is still strange like there is this “blackhole” in your home. There isn't a moment we both aren't thinking about Brisan. Things that made us laugh, smile, and feel good as a parent. Memories that are so far engrained into your mind that at times you may have forgotten about.

I think about his love for “sweet tea” or better known out of Brisan's mouth as “teaaaa” (imagine in a southern twang voice). Although later the past 18 months he may not have been able to really “take a sip” of the goods… I know he was thinking it! You could just see the look in his eyes! Like a cougar on it's pray minus when you offered he would turn away.  Read the rest of this entry »