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Halloween 2012

This year we celebrated Halloween with our small group from church. For Brisan and Parker this was their first year out since 2008. Either someone was sick, in the hospital, or it was way too cold to have the big boys out. Duncan was getting so excited leading up to the day!

Brisan was a Tank!

Brisan in his tank wheelchair

Brisan Stults – Tank Wheelchair

Parker was Ratatouille and his was a Stove Top Wheelchair! He kept trying to kick it off his tray. HA

Parker as Ratatouille with his Stove Top Wheelchair

Parker as Ratatouille with his Stove Top Wheelchair

Then Duncan was Darth Vadar! His little buddies Seth & Keegan were apart of the “force” as well.

Duncan as Darth Vadar

Duncan as Darth Vadar

All this was possible because of Jennifer's hard work and creativity. Overall we had good fellowship and Duncan had so much candy in his “satchel” that he was wobbling. He tapped out because he was pooped!

Parker is 6 Years Old!

Parker Stults | November 2011Mr. Parker turned 6 on Sunday January 8th! We are very proud of our little man! For the last 3 years I have been out of town for work and haven’t physically been here to wish him Happy Birthday! Every year is so special to us!

Saturday the14th we are having a “Beach Party” theme at our house for Parker and Duncan. His birthday is January 28th, so he has to share his together with everyone. I am sure as he gets older he may prefer to have his own shindig.

Last Saturday Brisan decided it would be cool to visit the ER again. I left that Saturday for Las Vegas but the poor kid had not went to sleep the previous evening. That is literally no joke. I think he was preparing for college or some stuff…

He went into the ER for what they discovered was ileus. First time for everything hey? Just a lot of discomfort but we think it he is on the amends.

 “Ileus (adynamic or paralytic ileus) is a type of bowel obstruction that occurs when the intestines stop moving normally even though there is nothing blocking them. This prevents the digestion of food and the movement of waste out of the body.” [WebMD]

Next week Jennifer will graduate with her BS in Applied Behavioral Analysis!