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Brisan’s 9th Birthday In The Hospital

On the 22nd Brisan went in for dental surgery and cleaning but…. he is still in the hospital. He only came home for about 5 hours before we had to go back last Friday night due to a high temp and extremely difficult breathing. This past Tuesday, Brisan celebrated his 9th birthday. The staff and child life at CMH does a wonderful job of making all kiddos feel special on their birthday.

He had a lot of air in his tummy but more importantly developed an infection (septic) after the surgery.

Last night he was able to go from the PICU to a regular room because of his gradual progress in the right direction. Unfortunately he is heading back to the PICU due to moving in the wrong direction. It just doesn't seem like he'll be coming home anytime soon. On top of all that, Parker has his dental surgery tomorrow and hernia repair. pfft.

Most of you probably have been following Jennifer or I's Facebook posts but wanted to get this on the site for those of you that may not be on Facebook.


5 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow August 8, 2013 will mark the 5  year anniversary of what we call “the phone call” regarding to Brisan and Parker's Niemann-Pick Type C disease diagnosis.

It seems that every year is going faster and faster as we move further into the the upcoming years knowing that time isn't on their side. However, we do have some good things to celebrate and not to make this post all about being sad. We will be moving soon to a new home that will allow us some positive situations. The down side is we will be giving up other things like the boys' school teachers, nurses, and even friends we became close with. The whole situation seems to be showing much favor for us. Duncan will be starting Kindergarten here next week! Their new school seems to be really “going to work” for us already. I hope that they keep that level of excitement in the upcoming future.

Since March I had started a new opportunity and have been focusing on leveraging my skills to be a key contributor to my team. Everyday I look forward to bringing my “A” game and putting a positive stamp on it. We've not had any foster kids in our home since Memorial Day weekend. It has been very nice most of the time not to have that additional responsibility… at least that is how I feel :).  Jennifer has stayed pretty busy herself.

~ Mike