Merry Christmas From The Stults Family

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope that you and your family experienced the peace of the day that Christmas brings!

Our Christmas was very good and it was relaxing. We wanted to share Duncan being funny and Brisan having a Dystonia episode. His episodes are much smaller than what Parker has. It was just a fluke I was able to get it on camera as we were not anticipating that happening. Dystonia is one of many side affects of having Niemann-Pick Type C disease.

Learn more about Dystonia.

Brisan’s Dystonia

Duncan’s Holy Cow Moment

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Pete's Puffs - Donation of Tissues
Thank You 4 Memories
Wendy & Andrea were both very kind over the years. They are owed much credit for some of the wonderful photographs we have. Thank you ladies for the memories!
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