Brisan back in the ER

Jenn took Brisan back into the ER this evening. The last few days he has been very restless. He just had that look in his eyes that something wasn't right. This evening his skin was looking very “marbled” and his knees had swelling with redness (very warm to touch). Jenn stated this was similar look he had when he went into septic shock. Whatever infection he has been fighting (blood related) sure is giving everyone a run!

Thank you for all of your prayers. We don't get to tell everyone this enough but we are extremely appreciative!

Here is a picture of Brisan on 8/27/2011 on his 7th birthday. Doesn't he look so thrilled? He wasn't…plus we did a little party at Children's Mercy Hospital. Thank you Denniely for bringing up the supplies and to EVERYONE that helped out!

Brisan's 7th Birthday at CMH

Brisan's 7th Birthday at CMH