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How Niemann-Pick Type C disease Affects The Brain

The Doctors TV Show

The Doctors (2008 TV series)

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Recently this week Kristen and Fernando Lopez attended a taping of the hit TV show's Season 4 premier called “The Doctor's”. There son Gavin has Niemann-Pick Type C disease like Brisan and Parker. We consider them good friends and are so very excited they were able to nab this opportunity. This was an awesome opportunity for our disease community to help spread awareness about this rare disease and hopefully attract the right people that help change the course of this. Below are a few videos from the show.

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how Niemann-Pick Type C disease affects the brain. Read the rest of this entry »

Brisan back in the ER

Jenn took Brisan back into the ER this evening. The last few days he has been very restless. He just had that look in his eyes that something wasn't right. This evening his skin was looking very “marbled” and his knees had swelling with redness (very warm to touch). Jenn stated this was similar look he had when he went into septic shock. Whatever infection he has been fighting (blood related) sure is giving everyone a run!
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