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Brisan With His Birthday Swing

Many of you who attended Brisan's birthday party back in late August should have received a thank you card :). Just wanted to share a few pictures of the swing we got him. Everyone was so generous that we had more than we needed and we choose to buy him an ipad. He has enjoyed watching his movies on it. We also have a few applications on there that he can use. It has been and will be a huge life/ time saver for us.

Not quit for sure if he enjoyed being on the swing or even swinging but I think he started to like it after a bit. I know Duncan and Parker enjoy it! Oh…and Courtney our neighbor's daughter. She is a cutie pie. Duncan always says “Courtney backyard”. LOL

Brisan in swing from his birthday

Brisan in swing 3

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What An Interesting Week

This past week has been very good minus one situation (get to that a little later). Brisan is doing wonderful. They came out Wednesday to adjust his chair since he has grown from when he received it last year. They had brought back his cover for the back of his chair but the zipper broke :(. So they have it on rush delivery to get fixed. He also received his “big boy chair” to use in the kitchen. That should be a bit more comfortable sitting at the kitchen table. Overall he has been in a good mood. Such a great mood that last Saturday he pooped all over our bed :). There still are concerns over his right eye and his ability to see out of it.

Parker has been in a great mood as well. He has really enjoyed school and went on his first field trip Tuesday (pumpkin patch). Today he had physical therapy and afterwards did some water therapy. Jennifer said he absolutely loved it!

Duncan is being a cutie and just saying funny 2 year old things. He has shown a lot of interest in baseball or any sport with a ball. Too bad that daylight is shrinking this time of year! He will start school at the end of January.

Now for the news we received last Friday (10-15). Jennifer was at Target getting refills on some of the boys' medications and they said Humana came back illegible. So she called me then I called Humana. The customer service agent stated that “my company” (no, not my company…my old company) canceled the plan. I knew they had recently closed their doors but did not put 2 + 2 together. The shocking part was we were not even informed of the irresponsible decisions of my old company. Looking back now we are thankful they kept open for as long as they did. Knowing what we know now we could have been out of insurance much quicker.

Some of you are wondering why we were on my “old company's” health insurance. I was laid off in July 2009. That prompted us to pay for COBRA.  It's not the best payment in the world but Obama's subsidy made it more affordable. At that time the best option was to keep our current insurance as we were familiar with it, we had met our deductible, and it was a plan that was generous in some areas verses others. Read the rest of this entry »

Back Home

We were able to come home late last night (Tuesday). Brisan is feeling much better and we can finally see his right eye ball! We still have another few weeks of meds to make sure this staph infection in that eye is done.

Thank you to everyone that has continued to help in any small way. We are very thankful!